World Itineraries – A luxury travel, arts and leisure blog based on the experiences of international writers and photographers highlighting the unique details and quirky personalities of luxury properties, specific destinations and entertainment venues worldwide.

Our multi-faceted, illustrated articles are based on actual experiences.

We pride ourselves on being masters of asking questions during our hotel stays to showcase hidden treasures, thus revealing some of the inherent mystery and charm of holiday travel.

Our collective experience encompasses luxury properties in 47 different countries including Ireland, the US, France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and Canada.

From such visits, we have completed over 70 full-length destination articles (approx. 1,000 words each) and reviewed more than 200 high-end hotels and resorts, 130 top-class restaurants and 80 quality performances, including theatre, opera and music concerts. More than 10,000 visitors have enjoyed our global digital tourism and travel experiences both in Europe and north America.

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Belfast-born Sean Hillen has been an international journalist, editor and publisher for more than 40 years. In Ireland, he worked for The Irish Times, the leading national daily newspaper; in England, for The Times and The Daily Telegraph; and in the US at the United Nations Media Center in New York, as well as in print and broadcast media. His writing has also appeared in a range of other prominent media outlets including Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC.

His latest book is a high-end contemporary fiction novel, Pretty Ugly – a thrilling, intriguing ride through the murky undercurrent of corporate and political machinations bridging the complex worlds of medicine, media and modeling.

DIGGING FOR DRACULA‘ is a tongue-in-cheek travel book Sean penned that takes readers on a colorful series of adventures across Europe and America to unravel fact from fiction about the world’s most infamous vampire.

His upcoming book, ‘Luxury Memories‘ will be out soon.

Sean’s diverse travel reports from various corners of the globe can be read at Justluxe.com, Fodor’s Travel and he tweets regularly @worlditinerary

To contact us just send an email to: sean (at) worlditineraries.co

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